Adoro Books is a young press with trajectory, an attempt to apply innovative concepts and professional expertise to the new paradigms in the way people find, purchase, and enjoy their reading matter.

Adoro is a "moonlighting" project created by industry professionals--writers, editors, designers, artists, publicists--as a "labor of love" to attempt to transcend the restrictions and drawbacks of the traditional publishing model. It represents, at several levels, a decentralized approach to publication.

We hope you enjoy our growing catalog and follow our initital steps towards offering a wide range or work from both experienced and new writers who are passionate about their stories, lives, dreams and hopes.

We've been asked about our name, and feel that the explanation helps understand our purpose and ideals.
Adoro means "I love" or "I worship" in Latin, Spanish, and Italian. Hence, "Adoro Books",
Ad Oro is a Latin phrase we liberally interpret as "Going for the gold", in the Olympics sense of pursuit of excellence.

Much of the focus of these works is the exploration of borderline conditions: national, cultural, personal, and perceptual. The focus is not on isolating sectors of identity but in exploring the experience of crossing lines to include a greater common humanity.

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